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Wide-Format Printer indicates the effective printing length at or exceed 1.8 meter. It is special application on outdoor wide format image printing. As continuous development and improvement, the current Wide-Format Printer is provide capability with wide format, high resolution and speed, etc. The printing resolution of the Wide-Format Printer has increased from previous 300/400 dpi to present 720dpi, even the 1440 dpi The application field of the wide format printing technology has extended from advertisement to upholster and decoration; geography information system; textile dress and sample printing, etc.

AllSign is the first few professional supplier, who is supply Wide-Format Printer in China. With the unique technology and printing structure, AllSign has two product series, solvent-based Wide-Format Printer and UV-based Wide-Format Printer. As the continuous development and improvement,AllSign will launch more competitive wide-format printer for her customers in the future.
Solvent printer always stands leading position of outdoor printing in the past and become the main role in the future. solvent printer is the most popular machine for outdoor advertisement and wide format billboard. Due to its economic capability and long time outdoor duration. It was adopted by lots of global printing company in past, now and future. As more and more global manufacturer launch their new generation products, the high resolution, high speed, easy operation and maintenance will become the competitive focus in the future.
UV Printer is a new and advanced technology in recent years. With the UV lamp system and curable ink, which realized soft and hard material printing. This technology is not only widen the printing field, but also avoid the previous pollution problem caused by solvent printing. UV printer is the best choice for the printing company instead of previous solvent printer as well as the supplement for it.